Catholic Foundation of Utah honors Bishop Niederauer

Friday, Feb. 03, 2006
By Special to the Intermountain Catholic

"Dear Bishop Niederauer,

"Congratulations on your recent appointment to the Archdiocese of San Francisco. It has been a pleasure to work with you to secure the future of the Catholic Church in Utah. The endowments have more than tripled during your 11 years as chairman of the Catholic Foundation of Utah. We are going to miss your wit and wisdom at our Catholic Foundation of Utah (CFU) meetings and we wish you success in San Francisco."

Pieter I. Scholte


"It has been such a pleasure to have Bishop Niederauer with us. His combination of spirituality, compassion, wit, and urbane manner made him a wonderful representative for the Catholic Church in Utah."

John B. Wilson

Vice President

"I feel honored to have had the privilege to work with Bishop Niederauer over the past seven years through the Catholic Foundation of Utah. I will miss his quiet, calm and effective leadership. He is a true gentleman. I will proudly include Bishop Niederauer as one of my mentors."

Scott A. Czaja


"Perhaps my fondest memory with Bishop Niederauer actually didn’t involve me but my wife Lisa. Several years ago the Bishop hosted a dinner at his home for the Catholic Foundation Board and Foundation beneficiaries. Somehow Lisa found herself seated next to the Bishop at his dining room table and I detected a look of obvious anxiety and uncertainty on my wife’s face. Within minutes, Bishop Niederauer had spiritedly engaged Lisa in a conversation about several movies they’d seen and books they’d read. Therein lies one of the more notable characteristics of our beloved Bishop. Regardless who he is with, he immediately makes one feel at ease and welcome."

John P. O’Brien



"Bishop Niederauer, thank you for taking such an active role in the leadership of the Catholic Foundation. Your commitment and wisdom was invaluable in the many critical decisions made by the Board. I would like to personally thank you for your support and confidence in me during my term as president. May God bless you in all your future endeavors."

Ginny Albo

"Bishop Niederauer is a Bishop of the people. He travels everywhere within our diocese, celebrates, prays, and listens to people and acts on their behalf. In working with him on the Review Board for the Protection of Children we have seen this human dimension of ‘being of the people’ come into play many times. In difficult cases Bishop Niederauer would often ask, ‘What would Our Lord do?’ With that question he would bring us back to the focus of our work. In addition he is gifted in many ways – spiritually, intellectually, socially and always with a great sense of humor! We will truly miss him!"

Rosemary W. Baron

"Congratulations on your advancement to Archbishop. After first attending a few of our Catholic Foundation meetings, it’s been clear to me that something like this would probably happen to you. You have remarkable talents and a wonderful attitude."

Robert P. Evans

"At the last meeting of the Catholic Foundation of Utah, the only seat left in the room was next to me. When the Bishop arrived, I said, ‘Oh, good! I get to sit by the Bishop.’ He replied, ‘Oh, no. It is I who get to sit by you.’

"We have been blessed to sit next to and work with this man of incredible humility, humor, insight, wisdom, and wit. These many qualities, combined with his integrity and business sense have kept this board focused and moving forward in our effort to ensure the future of the Church in Utah.

"We miss you already, Bishop, and are grateful the pope let us have you for 11 years!"

Jenifer Brennan Gibbons

"When I think of Bishop Niederauer, I can’t help but smile. He brings out a good feeling in so many ways that it is hard to describe. Everyone who comes in contact with Bishop Niederauer can’t help but feel better off for the experience. It is just that simple."

Chris Hill

"The attribute I like most about Bishop Niederauer is his enthusiasm. He always serves God and Church with enthusiasm."

Frank X. Leonard

"Upon hearing the news of the Bishop being selected to be the Archbishop; I said, ‘That’s my Bishop, you can’t take my Bishop!’ He is as a Good Shepherd for the flock in Utah."

Armando Lujan

"When a friend leaves to live in a distant city it is difficult to say good-bye. It is a word that seems to imply loss; however, the word is a contraction of ‘God be with you.’ This is our intent when we say, ‘Good-bye Bishop George Niederauer.’ In our hearts we also say, ‘Auf wiedersehen,’ ‘Till will meet again.’"

Norbert F. Neumann

"I have had the pleasure of working with Bishop Niederauer almost since his arrival in Utah. After all these years, I’m still amazed by the Bishop’s wit, humor, and knowledge. What has impressed my family is how personable he is. One-on-one or in a large crowd, the Bishop makes you feel like a part of his family, a dear friend, or a compassionate counselor. Bishop Niederauer has confirmed six of my children and knows them by name. Our children feel they have a personal friend in Bishop Niederauer.

Jesse S. Shackelford

"We Catholics in Utah regret the departure of our well loved Bishop Niederauer but we wish him God speed in his new assignment. That God go with him."

Irene C. Sweeney

"Bishop Niederauer, you exemplify ‘To Serve and To Give.’ It is my honor to have worked with you and prayed with you."

Jennifer L. Carroll

"‘Happiness is found along the way, not at the end of the road.’ Congratulations on your new journey."

Pam Commons

"Bishop, it has been a joy and honor to serve on your staff."

Joan Loffredo

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