Deacon Juan Biaggini Galarraga

Friday, Jul. 05, 2024
Deacon Juan Biaggini Galarraga + Enlarge
Deacon Juan Biaggini Galarraga
By Marie Mischel
Intermountain Catholic

“Many, many” moments of the ordination stood out for Deacon Juan Biaggini Galarraga, he said.

“From the beginning up to the end” the Mass was memorable, he said, but in particular was when his wife, Alba, invested him with the stole. “I feel like nothing was around but her smile and her eyes.”

His wife was the one who “brought me back to church, she was the one who kept me on the journey, and she is the one who keeps me going,” he said.

During the celebration he felt “a great joy that the Lord allows me … to be here and at the same time I begged him to allow me to continue,” he said.

Deacon Biaggini has been assigned to Saint Martin de Porres Parish in Taylorsville.

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