Deacon Odilon Jesse Ricardez

Friday, Jul. 05, 2024
Deacon Odilon Jesse Ricardez + Enlarge
Deacon Odilon Jesse Ricardez
By Laura Vallejo
Intermountain Catholic

Kissing the altar during his ordination on June 28 was a powerful moment for Deacon Odilon Jesse Ricardez.

“I had kissed and reverenced the altar before, but never as an ordained minister, so this was really special for me,” said Deacon Ricardez, adding that what crossed his mind at that moment was all the sacrifices that Christ made for all people. “I feel very emotional to come to realize that I will continue serving our Church, but now with more faculties. It’s a very joyful moment.”

During his ordination he could not stop smiling, he said. “I want to pass on to everyone whom I serve the joy of my love for God.”

Deacon Ricardez has been assigned to St. Mary Parish in West Heaven.

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