Dignity of Human Life bills before the Utah Legislature

Friday, Feb. 07, 2020

The Diocese of Salt Lake City government liaison tracks all bills being proposed that affect the dignity of human life. Current bills as of Jan. 31 and the diocese’s stance on each are listed below. (For an updated list, visit https://www.dioslc.org/outreach/office-of-life-justice-and-peace/91-legislative-priorities).

HB52 Intergenerational Poverty Solution

Creates the Earned Income and Education Savings Incentive program that provides a state match of deposits into certain 529 savings accounts.

The diocese strongly supports a State Earned Income Tax Credit but has strong reservations about telling families what their priorities should be for spending the credit.

HB89 Workforce Development Incentives Amendments

Defines “working parent benefits;” provides that the Governor’s Office of Economic Development may consider whether an employer will provide working parents benefits when awarding certain economic development tax credits

The diocese supports this bill.

HB90 Child Abuse Reporting Requirements

Deletes exemption of clergy to report child abuse and neglect learned of during Confession.

The diocese strongly opposes this bill as violating religious liberty and potentially causing more harm by discouraging perpetrators from coming forward and victims from seeking assistance.

HB93 End of Life Prescription Provisions

Legalizes assisted suicide in Utah

The diocese strongly opposes this bill.

HB97 Newborn Safe Haven Amendments

Allow a parent or someone the parent chooses to safely relinquish a baby within 30 days of birth.

The diocese supports this bill.

HB116 Murdered and Missing Indigenous Women, Girls and LGBTQ+ Task Force

Creates a task force to identify causes of violence toward these groups.

The diocese supports this bill.

HB144 Modifications to Human Trafficking Provisions

Creates a human trafficking education program and requires employees of sexually oriented businesses to complete the program.

The diocese supports this bill.

SB39 Affordable Housing Amendments

Modifies how funding is managed and authorizes the Housing and Community Development Division to partner with other agencies to provide rental assistance to families with children who are homeless or at risk of homelessness.

The diocese supports this bill.

SB67 Disposition of Fetal Remains Bill

Requires a heath care facility that has possession of an aborted or miscarried fetus to provide for the final disposition of the fetal remains.

The diocese supports this bill.

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