Diocesan Rosary Congress

Friday, Oct. 05, 2018
Diocesan Rosary Congress + Enlarge

Bishop Oscar A. Solis is asking parishes, schools, families and individuals to pray the rosary each day from Oct. 6 to Oct. 13 as part of the national Diocesan Rosary Congess. 

“A Rosary Congress is the continual praying of the Rosary in adoration before the Blessed Sacrament for seven days and nights, wrapping our country, our states, our cities, our dioceses, our families within the Heart of Mary,” according to the website http://www.rosarycongressusa.org/. 

Throughout the week, Bishop Oscar Solis invites all Catholics to participate in a nationwide effort to have rosaries said across time zones for this week at 2 p.m. Utah time to pray for peace in the world, the conversion of the United States, an end to abortion, the sanctification of families and reparation for sin. Those who cannot pray the rosary at this time are asked to pray at a time that is convenient for them. 

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