Dr. Eugenia Nitowski

Friday, Jul. 13, 2007

HOLLADAY — Dr. Eugenia Nitowski, 57, died June 14.

Nitowski was born July 17, 1949, in a San Diego, Calif., naval hospital to Carl and Laurena Mays Downs Nitowski. She attended Seventh Day Adventist and Loma Linda Schools in California. She earned a Master’s Degree in Archeology from Andrews University in Michigan, and a Ph.D. in Medieval History from Notre Dame University in Indiana, where she became a Catholic. She was a person of multiple interests, especially flying, and was a bush pilot for a while in Africa. She also received recognition for her private research in the areas of DNA and disease.

Having participated in several archeological digs in the middle east, she returned to the Holy Land in 1986, for a special investigation of the Holy Shroud of Turin. While there, she went to Haifa to visit Mt. Carmel and was asked by the Carmelite Order to lead an investigation of the ancient ruins of the order on Mt. Carmel for many years. She entered the Carmelites as an extern sister for a while, but left when she found it was not her vocation.

She was a noted ceramacist, dating ancient pottery in the field of archeology, and published a book on the subject. She said one of her most important goals was to verify the truth of the Bible through her archeological discoveries.

She is survived by her brother, Larry (Pat) Sabin of Henderson, Nev., and her nephews and nieces.

A funeral Mass was celebrated at the Carmel of the Immaculate Heart of Mary Monastery, Holladay. Committal was in Mt. Calvary Catholic Cemetery.

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