Father Anthony Shumway

Friday, Jul. 05, 2024
Father Anthony Shumway
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Father Anthony Shumway

The fragrence of the chrism oil with which Bishop Oscar A. Solis anointed his hands brought to Father Anthony Shumway the feeling that his ordination was “finally real,” he said.

“The prayers of the bishop over me, the ordination – everything finally came together at that point, when it came to the smell of the chrism oil,” he said. “I have been anointed and set apart and I have been ordained a priest. It’s just fantastic.”

“This is just one of the most wonderful experiences of my life, and I want to thank everybody who supported me all these years,” he added. “I want to share this with everybody that I can, and I bless everybody that has helped me and I look forward to being able to spend more time with people now that I’m back in the diocese, to be able to bless people, t to get to know people again.”

Fr. Shumway has been appointed as parochial vicar of the Cathedral of the Madeleine, effective Aug. 1.

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