Ladies of Charity continue to serve in the era of COVID-19

Friday, Sep. 04, 2020
Ladies of Charity continue to serve in the era of COVID-19 + Enlarge
The Ladies of Charity included school supplies in the food boxes they distributed in August.

Lori Donnester
Special to the Intermountain Catholic
SALT LAKE CITY — The Ladies of Charity of Salt Lake City continue to serve the marginalized with their spiritual and material needs during this era of COVID.
Three officers lead this group. They are Jackie Harover, president; Carol Huffman, treasurer; and Lynn Deboeck, secretary. 
During the COVID-19 pandemic, one main goal is to continue to deliver boxes of food monthly to 30 families in the Salt Lake City area. In August, Jenny McDonald, her husband Rick, son Nick, and daughter Zoe packed all the boxes. This incredible family has done this big job for the past few months.
The next day, a group of women got together and loaded their cars for delivery. There was a bonus this August; 60 children in the families also received school supplies. 
In the spring, seed packets were included in the deliveries from the Ladies of Charity. The families have enjoyed the result of growing their own food. We hope the school supplies will result in a harvest in education the way the seeds sprouted a harvest of food.
 Lori Donnester is a member of the Ladies of Charity of Salt Lake City.

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