'No one can say no to Sylvia'

Friday, Feb. 03, 2006

SANDY — One amazing thing about Bishop George Niederauer is the way he built a community of interest in our diocese. Catholics come with the genuine desire to share knowledge and discoveries with one another. Ideas fly. Opportunities emerge. Strategies crystallize. Progress is in motion. Catholics hatch. Bishop Niederauer’s inspiration delivers the innovations, intelligence, ideals, and insights, and he influences the Catholic communities in the state of Utah. With the many programs he has helped along the way, he ignited a behavior of helping one another. Bishop Niederauer has been a significant stronghold to our faith.

Working with the Catholic Woman’s League for many years, on the board and as president, I was touched by the open arms he had for this women’s group. He allowed us to use his residence for membership teas, and this was very special. I remember meeting Rosalee Norwood as one of the teas. She was turning 100 years old; it was a meaningful highlight for me. I remember the bishop allowing me to use some priests for our annual fashion show luncheon; Fathers Joseph Mayo, John Norman, and Dominican Ken Gumbert.

The bishop also allowed me to coordinate a private dinner for Anne Bransford of St. Mary of the Assumption Parish, Park City. It was themed, "The Bishop, Knight, and an Angel," with Knights of Columbus Chef, Herb Witte from St. John the Baptist Parish and Roma Downey from the "Touched by An Angel" television series.

The bishop would see Lance, my husband, while traveling and would always say, "So, what is your wife doing now, Lance? I’m waiting to see what she is going to ask me next. Nobody can say no to Sylvia."

So we bless and send our best regards, for we will never forget the cherished memories he has left with us as he has been an inspiration to our family in many ways.

Lance, Sylvia, Drew, and Mario D’Ambrosio

Governance Board


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