Notice for Those Attending Mass

Friday, May. 15, 2020
Notice for Those Attending Mass + Enlarge

Bishop Oscar A. Solis has directed that this notice be posted at all entrances at all churches and missions in the Diocese of Salt Lake City. The text reads as follows:
As we gradually and cautiously re-open our Churches for public worship in accord with governmental directives, please note the following:
The Parish/Mission will take every precaution it can to disinfect these premises and arrange for proper “Social Distancing” to enhance your safety from the coronavirus. However, by entering this building all individuals agree to the following:
• To acknowledge that the Church cannot guarantee your safety in attending this worship service or other activity;
• To take all responsibility for your own well-being and health against the novel coronavirus and hold the Church and diocese harmless (not liable) since the virus can be spread by those who are asymptomatic;
• To understand that the normal Sunday obligation to attend Mass is currently suspended in the Diocese of Salt Lake City;
• To not attend Mass or other activities, for the common good, if you are vulnerable, ill or afraid of infection; but rather to participate by live-streaming or other pious devotions;
• To observe proper “social distancing” of 6 feet at all times;
• To obey all instructions given by hospitality ministers, ushers and clergy;
• To wear a mask while entering and exiting, if over the age of 3;
• To pray for the well-being and health of one another.

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