Stewardship is a Heart Warm to God

Friday, Nov. 10, 2017
Stewardship is a Heart Warm to God + Enlarge
By John Kaloudis
Director of Stewardship and Development

The story is told of an older woman who passed out during Mass. Immediately, a physician who was in attendance went to care for her. The physician suggested she be taken to the hospital for tests. As they strapped Mary into the stretcher, she motioned to her daughter to come near. Quietly, she whispered into her daughter’s ear, “My offering is in my purse.” With these words, Mary demonstrated what was of highest importance to her – being a good and faithful steward of the gifts God had given her.
Stewardship means properly managing the resources God has given us to accomplish His work. Most people, when thinking about stewardship, primarily think about money. However, giving money to support the work of God is not stewardship, it is merely one part of stewardship, although one cannot be a faithful steward without giving money.
If stewardship is not about money, maybe it is about participating in various ministries of the Church – using the time and talents God has given for the furtherance of His Kingdom. However, what one does in ministry is not stewardship, either. Using time and talent to help others is part of good stewardship, and one cannot be a faithful steward without participation in ministry.
If stewardship is not about what I can give and what I can do, what is it? Stewardship is about having a heart that is warm to God. It is about the attitude that stands behind our giving and our service. It is about truly being His disciple – offering our whole life to Him. Thus, it is not about what give or what we do for God it is about why we do it. If we give money or offer our time and talents with the wrong attitude, we are not being faithful stewards.
John Kaloudis is director of the Diocese of Salt Lake City’s Office of Stewardship.

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