Time Capsule Sealed

Friday, Nov. 22, 2019
Time Capsule Sealed + Enlarge
By Special to the Intermountain Catholic

St. Patrick Parish in Salt Lake City reinstalled its time capsule into the church cornerstone on Nov. 16.  The original time capsule was removed this summer for the occasion of the parish’s celebration of the centennial of its dedication. The original time capsule contained an Aug. 13, 1916 copy of the “Salt Lake Telegraph” and an Aug. 12, 1916 copy of the “Intermountain Catholic” and a piece of wood that is believed to be from the original church, which was torn down when the land was sold to the railroad. These items were returned to the time capsule, along with letters to the future parishioners from Bishop Oscar A. Solis (shown center, back row); Fr. Anastasius Iwuoha, parish administrator (shown holding the time capsule); and Fr. Dominic Thuy Dang Ha, a retired diocesan priest who served in the parish in the past (next to Fr. Iwuoha). Other items placed in the time capsule were a rosary that was blessed by Pope Francis, a parish history, historical photos, and a commemorative pen, coin, prayer card and key chain from this year’s celebrations.

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