Intermountain Catholic

Intercultural Marian Celebration

By Laura Vallejo
Intermountain Catholic
Catholics from all over the Diocese of Salt Lake City gathered at St. Joseph Catholic Church in Ogden On Oct. 9 for this year’s Intercultural Marian Celebration. >>>

Celebración Intercultural Mariana

El evento, el cual se realizó el sábado 9 de octubre comenzó con una procesión por las calles aledañas a la parroquia, en la cual altares y carruajes llevaron las diferentes representaciones alrededor del mundo de Nuestra Señora. >>>

Bishop Solis at Red Mass: Our country needs role models to set good and right examples

Bishop Solis: “As we pray today in this Mass, may you receive the Holy Spirit, to remain faithful and persevering as public servants ..." >>>

Linda C. Smith of Repertory Dance Theatre presented with Madeleine Award for Arts & Humanities

Smith was a founding member of Repertory Dance Theatre, where she worked as a performer, teacher, choreographer, writer and producer for 17 years before being named artistic director, a position she has held since then. >>>
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