Bishop Solis' Holy Week Message

"I invite all the faithful to join the Holy Week services in your own parishes and to celebrate as one faith community the sacred mysteries of our faith." >>>

Mensaje para la Semana Santa del Obispo Solis

"Sigamos nuestro camino de renovación de fe, conversión de nuestros corazones y reconciliación con Dios en estos días santos. ..." - Obispo Oscar A. Solis >>>

The Elect made a choice to leave behind blindness, Bishop Solis tells them at RCIA Retreat

"You were given the choice to remain blind, not to see Jesus and recognize Jesus as the Lord and Savior, but God is giving you the gift of faith, the gift of faith to know that it is Jesus that you ask to be a part of your life.” - Bishop Oscar A. Solis >>>

April Is National Child Abuse Prevention Month

The Diocese of Salt Lake City is committed to ensuring that when a child is in our care in parish programs or in Catholic education, and when we are ministering to vulnerable adults, that their safety is of utmost importance and a priority.    >>>

Bringing Men to Communion in Utah, 1920-1990

How to encourage men to receive Communion on a frequent basis vexed the early and mid-20th century Catholic Church in Utah. ... >>>
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