Daylong conference to offer fellowship, faith formation to adults and older youth

By Linda Petersen
Intermountain Catholic
 “It’s offering a way to supplement your faith journey, and it’s for all Catholics — for everybody to come and join, to come together.” - conference co-chairperson Nevah Stevenson >>>

La Conferencia Católica de Utah educará, empoderará y ayudará a embarcarse

“Realmente queremos educar, empoderar y embarcar para brindar herramientas educativas, empoderar a las personas en el amor a la fe, al crecimiento en la fe y así embarcarse para salir y difundir el mensaje como discípulos misioneros compartiendo la buena nueva” - Nikki Wards, co presidenta de la Conferencia >>>

Bishop Solis: Please ‘stand against this blatant disregard for the sanctity of life’

"Any time we allow the intentional destruction of life, we destroy respect for all life." - Bishop Oscar A. Solis >>>

Obispo Solis: Por favor ‘alcen su voz y defiendan la santidad de la vida’

" Siempre que permitimos la destrucción intencional de la vida, destruimos el respeto por toda vida." - Obispo Oscar A. Solis >>>

Relic stolen from Cathedral of the Madeleine

At this point, it would be a miracle if the relic were returned, said Fr. Martin Diaz, the cathedral rector, and although he believes in miracles he has begun the process of contacting the Vatican to attempt to find a replacement. 

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