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Bishop Solis: Join the Diocese of Salt Lake City in celebrating Catholic Schools Week

By The Most Rev. Oscar A. Solis
Bishop of Salt Lake City
Bishop Solis: "Catholic schools play an important role in the mission of the Church." >>>

Obispo Solis: Únanse en la celebración de la Semana de Escuelas Católicas

Obispo Solis: "Las escuelas Católicas forman un papel muy importante en la misión de la Iglesia." >>>

Aquinas Lecture: Vatican astrophysicist to speak on 'When Astronomy Meets Theology'

Fr. Paul Gabor, S.J.: "It is rather strange that we who are really tiny can actually figure out the lifespans of stars and galaxies." >>>

Carmelite nun professes solemn vows

With Latin hymns, somber prayers and a ceremony steeped in tradition, Carmelite Sister Marie Rose of St. Joseph professed her solemn vows to her superior and received the black veil of her order from Bishop Oscar A. Solis during a Jan. 18 Mass at the Caramel of the Immaculate Heart of Mary in Salt Lake City. >>>
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