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'The jilted-priest blues'

Friday, Feb. 03, 2006
People have asked me how I feel about the announcement of our bishop moving to San Francisco and I have pondered how it makes me feel. I imagine I could say that it makes me feel naked and vulnerable as if I was stranded on the salt flats on a cold winter day with the wind howling and the low sun dropping over the horizon. I admit this is a bit dramatic, yet he was our bishop, when I started to discern whether I was should enter the seminary. He was our bishop when I was in seminary. He ordained me and was our bishop for the first two or so years of my priestly ministry. He has walked with me on my journey of discernment as a seminarian and a priest. >>>

Farewell, Bishop Niederauer

Friday, Feb. 03, 2006
PARK CITY — Bishop Niederauer, in thanking you and in acknowledging my special affection for you, I must begin in another place at another time. >>>
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